The Tour Striker Smart Ball is an ultra-light and portable way to sequence your arms and body as you develop your ball striking skills. This inflatable, flocked “beach ball,” connects to an ADJUSTABLE lanyard to meet the fit of anyone. It is the best BODY CONNECTION training aid on the market and can be used flat, under either armpit or inflated between the forearms.

The Tour Striker Smart Ball will help you understand HOW the arms and body work during an effective golf swing. Few people put in quality practice working on the sequence of arms and body. Be one of the few who own the rhythm and timing required to become a high-level ball striker. Take control of your swing NOW so
you can have Effortless Power rather than Powerless Effort.

Encourages your the body and arms to work together
Synchronizes Your Body And Arms – Putter To Driver
Rids You Of The Dreaded “Chicken Wing”
Provides The Feeling Of Striking From the Inside Out
Help You “Get Through” The Shot – No Quitting
Lengthens And Strengthens Body Pivot
The device encourages golfers to keep their arms and body working together
It also easily inflates and deflates to allow it to be packed in a golf bag
Quickly and easily inflates and deflates for easy use and storage
Attachable lanyard to keep the ball from dropping to the ground

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